What are Easilocks?

Easilocks is a new extensions technique loved by the likes of Hollywood star Margot Robbie, Made in Chelsea’s Binky Felstead, TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh and more. So why choose Easilocks over other hair extension systems? Jimmy Chop Chop prefer to use the Easilocks system due to the comparisons listed below:

Hair collection


Only the highest grade of hair quality used for our natural cuticle-correct hair.

Ordinary Hair Quality

Multiple-grade of quality of hair used, some low mixed with high, not always 100% human hair.



Gentle procedures followed with cold water by hand over six days ensure cuticle and hair quality is not compromised.

Ordinary Hair Quality

Usually hair is bleached aggressively in hot water to achieve results quickly and cheaply, hair quality can suffer greatly.



We use organic pigments to carefully colour and condition the hair when processing, ensuring long-lasting colour and multi-tonal natural effect.

Ordinary Hair Quality

Common textile dyes are used but colour usually fades resulting in an unnatural finish.

Life span


Our hair can be worn up to one year if the appropriate homecare procedures are followed.

Ordinary Hair Quality

Usually lasts up to three months.

Do’s and don’ts

Aftecare of your Easilocks is very important, here are a few recommended things to do … and those not to do!


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